Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rovey's Needle and Cat Tail Cove with Cathy

Roveys Needle and Cat Tail Cove with Cathy

On Sunday May 24, Memorial Day weekend, Linda and I took Cathy for a little off road adventure.  We decided that we would take her to Roveys needle.  Linda had some coordinates for a trip further past the needle, and we thought we try them to see if they were accurate.

I had to put the back seat in the Jeep (it hasn’t been in since we bought it), we got some supplies and off we went.  Cathy had never been off roading before, but she said she had complete faith in our off road skills.  Boy is she trusting!

Once we got to the starting point, we aired the tires down and started on our journey.  We went up a rather large hill and I thought it might shake her a bit.  She didn’t even flinch.  She figured if we tried it, it must be okay.  We stopped at the top and took photos and showed her the cache that Linda and I planted in honor of our Dads, Allyn & Ted.

We then ventured toward the needle.  We took a different way there from the way that we have gone in the past.  It was pretty exciting, especially the climbing the hill and not being able to see the other side part.  No sweat, we made it just fine.

Once we got to the needle, the three of us hiked up to the eye.  It was cool under the rock overhang.  It is really amazing the beauty of the rock and all of its catacombs that were made by erosion.  We took a lot of pictures there.  Linda and I climbed thru the needle.  Cathy thought it better just to look through it.  I found a hawk feather on the ground and looked up to see where the hawks nest probably was. 

We took off again and headed down the trail toward the Bill Williams River.  Since it was hot, all we could think of was getting close to the water to cool off.  We drove over some really tough stuff.  At least it seemed tough.  Linda spotted me once and we got thru just fine. 

We went as far as we could go and parked.  Again the water was calling to us.  It had to be about 108 degrees and the cool water of the Bill Williams River would sure feel good.  We gathered our items and lunch and headed off toward the river.  We had to hike up 2 hills.  Once at the top, we saw that we were not going to get to the water.  If we hiked down we still had to go thru all of the pampas grass to get to the water.  A little disappointed, we found a little shade (and I mean a little) and had a great lunch of PB&J sandwiches and some cookies.

After lunch and a rest, we took some last pictures and headed back down the hill back to the jeep.  Cathy took a bit of a fall, but she was okay, just a scrapped elbow. 

We got back to the Jeep parking lot and headed back.  All of the “tough” things we encountered while going there, suddenly didn’t seem so bad.

We got back close to the highway and aired back up and headed home.  It was a fun adventure and were glad Cathy came along.  She is now a real 4 wheeler!


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  1. Is one able to take a lifted truck out to the needle? We have a 6-inch lift and heard there are alternate routes/bypass routes around the difficult rocky areas.